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Serotonin-Plus Fitness Blog: Tone Your Triceps

July 30, 2014

One of the toughest areas to tone on the arms is the triceps area.  Many people struggle to tighten and tone the back of their arms.  The good news is that there are hundreds of moves that that you can learn to target and isolate the triceps muscles so that you can achieve toned arms.  … Keep Reading »

The Importance of Planning

July 29, 2014

Have you ever had all intentions to eat healthfully when suddenly, hunger strikes?  All of those healthy options you vowed to stick with turned into a not one, but two huge slices of pizza.  This happens to everyone.  When you become hungry, you crave junk foods that provide instant energy.  This usually means sugar!  The … Keep Reading »

Slow It Down

July 28, 2014

One of the most common mistakes made while strength training is lifting too quickly.  It may seem like you’re getting a better workout by rushing, but you’re really not.  Speedy lifting can cause injury to your muscles and joints, especially when performed with incorrect form.  Strength training at a slower pace can help you to … Keep Reading »

Improve Your Mood

July 25, 2014

One simple way to improve your mood is to perform your workouts outdoors.  A study published in “Environmental Science and Technology” shows how outdoor exercise can improve your mental state and motivate you to exercise more consistently.  When researchers compared exercising indoors to exercising outdoors they found that the outdoor activity caused positive feelings, increased … Keep Reading »

Spice Up Your Cardio

July 24, 2014

Are you bored and tired of doing your cardio workouts on a treadmill or elliptical machine? It’s very common for fitness goers to get stuck in the same old cardio routine every day, which can cause a plateau in fitness.  To keep your mind and body invigorated during each workout, try doing the following exercises … Keep Reading »

Serotonin-Plus Fitness Blog: Late Dinner

July 11, 2014

Contrary to popular belief, eating after a certain time does not cause weight gain.  You may have received advice to not eat after 7pm or 8pm, but this really doesn’t matter.  Your combined food choices and portion sizes throughout the day will cause weight gain or weight loss.  The problem is that many people have … Keep Reading »

Serotonin-Plus Fitness Blog: One Move, Many Benefits

July 10, 2014

If you think deadlifts are just for bodybuilders, you’re missing out.  Learning how to do deadlifts with a set of dumbbells will strengthen and tone your legs, glutes, back, core, and thigh muscles in just one move.  Start with lighter weights (8-10lbs each) to learn proper form and then increase your weight as you become … Keep Reading »

Serotonin-Plus Fitness Blog: Toned Triceps

July 8, 2014

Do you feel self conscious when wearing sleeveless clothing?  As we age, most of us develop fat behind our arms (a.k.a. batwings).  This can be a troublesome spot for many people whether overweight or not.  The good news is that there are hundreds of easy to do exercises that will target this fatty area behind … Keep Reading »

Serotonin-Plus Fitness Blog: Stay Active on Vacation

July 7, 2014

Are you going on vacation this summer?  If so, you might want to think about how you’re going to stay active on your trip.  Many people find it difficult to exercise when traveling since they are out of their normal routine and environment.  To avoid being sedentary on your vacation, look for ways to stay … Keep Reading »

Serotonin-Plus Fitness Blog: Body Weight Training

July 3, 2014

Most people think of strength training in terms of weight lifting.  However, you really do not need weights to get a great strength workout in; you just need your own body weight.  Exercises such as planks, push-ups, squats, pull-ups, lounges, squat jumps, crunches, mountain climbers, etc. are all great examples of body weight exercises that … Keep Reading »

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