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Serotonin-Plus Fitness Blog: Late Dinner

July 11, 2014

Contrary to popular belief, eating after a certain time does not cause weight gain.  You may have received advice to not eat after 7pm or 8pm, but this really doesn’t matter.  Your combined food choices and portion sizes throughout the day will cause weight gain or weight loss.  The problem is that many people have … Keep Reading »

Serotonin-Plus Fitness Blog: One Move, Many Benefits

July 10, 2014

If you think deadlifts are just for bodybuilders, you’re missing out.  Learning how to do deadlifts with a set of dumbbells will strengthen and tone your legs, glutes, back, core, and thigh muscles in just one move.  Start with lighter weights (8-10lbs each) to learn proper form and then increase your weight as you become … Keep Reading »

Serotonin-Plus Fitness Blog: Toned Triceps

July 8, 2014

Do you feel self conscious when wearing sleeveless clothing?  As we age, most of us develop fat behind our arms (a.k.a. batwings).  This can be a troublesome spot for many people whether overweight or not.  The good news is that there are hundreds of easy to do exercises that will target this fatty area behind … Keep Reading »

Serotonin-Plus Fitness Blog: Stay Active on Vacation

July 7, 2014

Are you going on vacation this summer?  If so, you might want to think about how you’re going to stay active on your trip.  Many people find it difficult to exercise when traveling since they are out of their normal routine and environment.  To avoid being sedentary on your vacation, look for ways to stay … Keep Reading »

Serotonin-Plus Fitness Blog: Body Weight Training

July 3, 2014

Most people think of strength training in terms of weight lifting.  However, you really do not need weights to get a great strength workout in; you just need your own body weight.  Exercises such as planks, push-ups, squats, pull-ups, lounges, squat jumps, crunches, mountain climbers, etc. are all great examples of body weight exercises that … Keep Reading »

Serotonin-Plus Fitness Blog: Hidden Sugar

July 2, 2014

To have a healthy diet and to prevent chronic disease, it’s imperative that you minimize the amount of sugar you eat on a daily basis.  It may be easy to refrain from eating the obvious sources of sugar such as candy, ice cream, syrup, baked goods, etc. but what about all of the hidden sources … Keep Reading »

Serotonin-Plus Fitness Blog: Improve Your Breakfast

July 1, 2014

Eating breakfast is important for losing weight.  However, you probably did not realize that most breakfast options are great for gaining weight.  To improve your morning choices, it is important to take a close look at what you’re eating and drinking.  The right choices can increase your energy, improve your mood, and even help you … Keep Reading »

Serotonin-Plus Fitness Blog: Have a Plan

June 30, 2014

Do you ever jump into a workout without a plan?  One of the most common mistakes people make is to go to the gym, jump on a treadmill, or begin any type of workout without a plan.  By jumping into a workout on autopilot, you will most likely feel uninspired and you surely will not … Keep Reading »

Serotonin-Plus Fitness Blog: Hidden Cardio

June 27, 2014

Have you every skipped a workout because you didn’t have time to make it to your fitness class or to the gym?  What if there was an amazing piece of equipment that offered a cardio and strength workout pretty much everywhere you went?  Well there is, and it’s called a staircase.  Walking up stairs can … Keep Reading »

Serotonin-Plus Fitness Blog: Pushing Through

June 26, 2014

Have you ever felt like quitting during a really bad workout?  It’s normal to become frustrated when your fitness performance is not as good as it usually is.  Bad workouts can be the result of fatigue, stress, hormonal changes, etc.  Everyone experiences workouts where they just don’t feel like continuing, however quitting is not the … Keep Reading »

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